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Thread: Getting WUSB600N Injection/Monitoring working???!

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    Exclamation Getting WUSB600N Injection/Monitoring working???!

    Hi All,

    I am just posting as I currrently have a wireless usb adapter wusb600n for my pc and I am trying to get it working with Backtrack 5 on VMware. I have seen many posts on the internet pertaining to this issue however they all seem a bit old and i cant seem to follow them all the way as some of the links are down. I have managed to get backtrack 5 to recognise the usb adapter and it shows up as an interface in airmon-ng, however when i try to put it into monitor mode the device locks up and I have to unplug it and reattach to get it recognised again.

    I was wondering if someone could please help me in getting this adapter working on BT5 as I really want to use it and from what I have read other people have got it working? Also as the other posts on this issue are now over 1yr old has this issue not been resolved and why not lol?


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    Default Re: Getting WUSB600N Injection/Monitoring working???!

    if i understand correctly...
    usb adaptors will not work in a virtual machine. vm's only read internal, or pci slots. have you considered setting up a partition of your hard drive, or a usb install?

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    Default Re: Getting WUSB600N Injection/Monitoring working???!

    Yes for some reason today My Linksys WUSBN doesn't wanna work on Backtrack 5 after i reintalled Backtrack 5 However the adapter works just fine on Windows just not showing up anymore on Backtrack 5 any fix for this?

    Mins is not a Linksys WUSBN v2 its just a Linksys WUSBN

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    Default 回覆: Getting WUSB600N Injection/Monitoring working???!


    Please refer to this link. Thanks.


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