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Thread: backtrack 5 + ubuntu

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    Default backtrack 5 + ubuntu

    Hey guys!

    Have a question. May seem a bit elemental but I've never done it before so I want to make sure I get it right.

    On my laptop I currently have Ubuntu 11.04 installed. Its partitioned as follows.

    1. /boot 500mb primary
    2. swap 3gb primary
    3. / 70gb primary
    4. /home a lot logical
    5. The rest is unformatted free space.
    Boot loader is installed in the default location

    Now I want to install backtrack 5 on the freespace using the swap in both os's. Natural I want to make sure I don't fubar my Ubuntu install. What would be the correct procedure to do this? I've heard that backtrack uses grub 1.5 and Ubuntu uses 2. Has anyone done this before and can give me some pointers?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: backtrack 5 + ubuntu

    you shouldn't have any problem dual boot ubuntu and backtract 5, just create a partition using the ubuntu live cd (gparted) then point the backtract install to the same partition (choose the manual install process) and set the mount point for the existing swap partition, backtract 5 will replace the ubuntu grub, don't worry about it, it also uses grub 2 and you will still be able to boot ubuntu from grub.
    I have a triple boot with windows 7, ubuntu 11.04 and backtract 5 (KDE) on 12GB partition.

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    Default Re: backtrack 5 + ubuntu

    how many GB balance in your HDD?? that's important before you installing BT 5, in my case i used 80Gb HDD and part it by 45GB Windows XP , 1GB Swap and balance of that i use to installing BackTrack. I think better you Google it first for pure guide........OK!!

    Happy Hunting!!!

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