I wrote a simple shell script to bypass AV's like AVG, Avast and emisoft.
It certainly will not bypass all AV's. Just the easy ones
The script can be downloaded here : http://home.base.be/%72%68%69%6E%63%...reatetrojan.sh
I saw somebody demonstrate this method of av evasion in a youtube video and I decided to write a script for it to speed up the process.
The script let's you choose between 2 payloads. the meterprer/reverse_tcp and the shell_reverse_tcp. (feel free to add more)
It let's metasploit generate the code for the payloads and then puts them in a template.c from the metasploit framework and fils it with some random junk and then compiles it with mingw32. So be sure you have mingw32 installed

apt-get install mingw32
The script also has the option to use your external ip adress and will look it up for you on a Belgian website.
This is just a fun feature I added. So don't use it for anything illegal

If you want to scan the trojan the script creates with multiple AV's, pls use http://vscan.novirusthanks.org/
And be sure to select the "do not distribute this sample" option so it won't get detected that quickly.

If it get's detected after a month or so, you can always change the variable names and the random junk in the c file.
This will probably make it undetectible again for the easy AV's ofcourse