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Thread: Reboot doesn't work

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    Default Reboot doesn't work

    Hi guys ,

    i have a problem with my Backtrack5 R1. Everything works fine except that i cannot reboot. If i type 'reboot' in the shell the reboot is starting, X is closing but all the power-LED from my Netbook keep on, and the screen is just black and nothing happens.
    I have to press the power button to hard-shutdown the machine and start it again. What yould I do to fix this problem?


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    Default Re: Reboot doesn't work

    If you logout out of the GUI, and run reboot from the command line, it should reboot fine.
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    Default Riferimento: Reboot doesn't work

    if the reboot won't work, it's better to run
    to switch off the computer instead of using the hardware button.
    Btw what "scottm99" said should work properly.

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