Greetings all,
Yaakov Goldberg recently developed a new tool for any Linux distribution. Yaakov released it with this statment, "the tool is called uberharvest and it is intended to be used as an information gathering tool for harvesting emails from a URL entered by the users. In addition, the user can use the tool to scan bunch of URLs from a text file and then return all emails that have been found in each website.The tool is completely for FREE and can be used for pentesting and hacking activities. To get the tools go through the following steps.


bzip2 -cd uberharvest.tar.bz2 |tar xvf -
cd uberharvest
./uberharvest --help or -h

The update option --update OR -u will allow you to get the latest version of that tool."

I know there are tools that do things very similar to this, but I think it would be a nice addition to Backtrack. Any thoughts?

P.S. It shouldn't be necessary to add that, despite it's name, uberharvest has countless uses outside of harvesting email addresses for spam.