Hi all.

While I have in the past been focused on Windows exploitation (and a beginner with that) I find myself having to expand my horizons. In keeping in line with my training, I need to enumerate information on the machine (vm) that I want to attack. Unfortunately I have little ideas where to start. The book I have access to at the moment seems fixed on Windows enumeration, and google has not been much better. I see results on Linux NIC enumeration.

Steps taken so far:
Scanned my network and found a "victim".
Scanned the host and performed port, OS and version detection.
"banner grabbing", connecting to the services with netcat.

at this point there is a gap in my knowledge. I know that eventually I will need to crack passwords and eventually gain access to the system, but I do know that if I want to gain access through one of the open services, I will need to enumerate the users and possibly other information on the machine. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or point me to some resources?