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Thread: creating Live-CD from an hdd install?

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    Default Solved - creating Live-CD from an hdd install?

    Here's what I want to do:

    1) Install BT2 to hd, download and install extra programs, configure everything the way I want it (firewalls, log-in scripts, etc)
    2) Save the installation as a LiveCD (or a bootable thumbdrive)

    I know I can use MySlax to add modules to an existing live CD, but I want to configure the new modules(programs), and save the changes for future re-use.

    Is there an easy way to convert a hdd install to a liveCD?
    Would it be better to just install on a USB stick, configure what I want, then ghost the USB for future re-use?

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    more easier to install a multipartition live usb install

    just follow my tutorial for permanent changes on live....
    in my signature

    all changes will be saved but you still have a live install........

    hope helps

    ps i do this procedure on a 160 usb hd with swap part, boot and root part, 2 data part........

    really useful
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    shaman - thanks for the reply. I understand how to do the install and keep it live, but what I would like to do is install, update\configure, then use that as a *base* live cd.

    Update: for those who want to do what I'm doing (re-create an updated .iso of BT) follow the steps here: http://backtrack.offensive-security....owto:Mod_Linux

    The way I see it, I'll create my own modules using the sources and configurations I want, add them to the BT modules dir then re-create the ISO. Pretty cool actually!

    Thanks to those who created the wiki and to shaman for his efforts!

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