Hi, I recently tried to use BT5 on my net-book at a local cafe.

My computer connected fine to the cafe's wifi.

Next I opened and connected to my VPN

Then started Virtual Box/BT5

It loaded then an error msg appeared in BT5 saying:

"The panel encountered a problem while loading 'OAFIID:GNOME_ClockApplet" Do you want to delete applet from your configuration?"

I chose the option 'don't delete'

I noticed there seemed to be no connection in BT5, the connect icon (top right of the screen was missing)

So I am wondering what explains the failure to connect BT5 to the wireless connection/internet?

Do I need an external usb network adapter, or can the internal network adapter on my host pc work to connect BT5 to a wireless connection?

Hope someone may be able to help me out on this, docstrange