BT bugfixes reliz anouncement
bt donation request
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Bugfix release announcement 

& Donation request 

We just like to mention two more things today. 

First the good one: We are currently working on a bugfix realease for backtrack and its dvd release. 

Now the bad one: We may ask the community to donate to our projects please,
we have to buy stuff and finance our costs by ourselves and the amount of donation money 
we get per release is not traveling slowly to about 100-150US$.
I think this is rather lousy if you know that we have a multiple of 10'000 people downloading that CD every release.
Don't be a sucker and start donate.
go here for paypal donations :

please i think if each of us donate 1$(or more), that could be the best way to give something in return of backtrack team works.......for the future of backtrack........

THX in advance for them........