I am running windows 7 64-bit so that's not the issue.
Both .iso files were checked to verify that their md5sums were correct, and sure enough they weren't corrupted.
Here is what is happening:
I am using a 16gb usb to try to get this working (fat32), and have used 4 different tools to try to accomplish this (5 With lili, but that's not what i'm looking for) (they do produce slightly different results):
live-usb-install 2.2.9
unetbootin ?
FUSBi 0.3.1

Basically it gives me the option of what mode I want to boot in, then i select (default, text etc.)
After I select something it starts loading normally. Then I get to the splash screen just before the chinese characters (i haven't given it any input yet)

I sit there waiting for 5 minutes, with nothing happening. Every time. the esc button or arrow keys will immediately make it swap to a text based thing where it asks me to name the drive(or something very similar, the example is debian5.0.2 drive (definitely something to do with debian 5.0.2)). I'm pretty sure that that's not what i'm looking for. Do you reckon I should just give it longer to load?
Any comments would be higly appreciated