I usually don't post much but for curiosity sake I was wondering what ways could be used to gather information for the situation below.

I got a call from "Windows Tech Support" which I obviously know is a scam of them getting you to download some "remote control" software which gives them access to your computer and at that time they lock your keyboard mouse and ask for money or they start deleting files. I played with them for a bit socially on the phone to see exactly what they were trying to do and then after phoned the local law enforcement to let them know what is happening. They knew what was happening and said these people use pre-paid phones and are not possible to track.

This got me thinking because since they get you to install remote software onto your machine and they make the secure connection you should be able to netstat to find out their ip (or could they be doing that through tor/etc?). Next I was thinking is it possible to setup a reverse shell on them? When they connect to your machine (dumby virtual pc) with the remote software what could you do?

Now I know I am not skilled enough to perform something like this but I am interested in if its possible.