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Thread: Xperia Play

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    Default Xperia Play

    I know its been done on the Xperia X10. I'm not exactly sure how relevant that is but I would be more than satisfied with only a command line.

    I'm also aware that the Xperia Play is fairly new and there aren't many owners let alone backtrack users..

    If anyone needs additional information about the Play then please ask, and if I figure this out myself I will be sure to make a howto thread.
    I've tried the img and I got some errors.. I will edit them in when I get home. They should be up in about 6-8 hours.

    thanks in advanced.

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    Default Re: Xperia Play

    check x10 thread over at XDA same should directly be applicable to play too... if you need help i am available at xda by nick anantshri and can help you either here or at xda.

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