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Thread: Help me with my project

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    Default Help me with my project

    Hi guys, this is my first time post. I am newbie of Linux and Network stuffs but i will study these stuff because i like it, well let's get to the point

    Now i'm doing my project which is in a good way, I have a Linux box ( which operating in someplace and I have my mobile connected to that box and i want the packets send automatically to the box and the box forward these packet to another PC,

    form what i have read till now i know that many stuff can track the packet like being a man in the middle and gain the info from it so what i would like to ask is is there any stuffs can do what i would like to do ??? and how or what should i study to make it possible ?? , thanks for the suggestion

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    Before we continue on, I need you to do something important (no doubt others will attempt to answer your question below me, but try to do it anyway). I (we) need to know how much networking knowledge you have, is your mobile on the LAN with your box or is it via a VPN or is it purely in the tubes.

    What function does your linux box perform, is it a router, server, client, host, bridge, or redundant machine.

    There are a lot of tools to do MiTM, but it depends on your infrastructure and what you are actually trying to achieve.

    If there is a language barrier (reading your post seems like English is not your first language), it may be worth your time to draw a simple picture of what your setup looks like, include any firewalls you might have, and the "internet" if you are connecting via that at any time.
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    I think I know where he's coming from...

    Short answer: Yes. You can do man-in-the-middle attacks. However - there is no universal program that where you just go click click click and then you have all this amazing infomation from the packs.

    I'm fairly new to this but I hope that by book marking this sub-forum and reading a few threads I'll learn it gradually. In no hurry

    It's to my knowledge that an app suite, 'metasploit' allows you to do some stuff with man in the middle, capuring packets from HTTP traffic and then getting cookies etc to access web mail accounts etc...

    Should give you some direction.

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    Actually metasploit really wouldn't be the app your looking for, ettercap would be more along those lines, along with the dsniff suite ... or for windows there is always cain & able.
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