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Thread: GPU uses besides password cracking?

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    Default GPU uses besides password cracking?

    I am just curious to know if there are many more reasons to invest in nicer graphics cards other than just cracking passwords?

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    Default Re: GPU uses besides password cracking?

    For HD video editing you'll require one, as do you for blender.
    And games..

    I might have missed your real question. But it seems kind of dim to ask this (no offence).
    I mean, go to a store and ask why you'll need a 'normal' user reply for what a gfx-card is.
    They'll tell you its for games, videos and pictures etc. They won't even think about password cracking.

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    Default Re: GPU uses besides password cracking?

    You can look into some of the distributed projects like protein folding.
    They may cure diseases.

    They shut down the SETI thing but I don't know if there is any more data for them to crunch. There are a lot of projects like the one I mentioned.

    Like the person above mentioned I didn't get your question - Did you mean hacking related or was this a general question?
    "Never do anything against conscience -- even if the state demands it."
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    Default Re: GPU uses besides password cracking?

    Sorry for not being more clear. I understand how that seemed to be a pretty stupid question. I am strictly referring to BackTrack uses though. I know GPUs assist in password cracking but I won't be doing much of that and I just wanted to know if there was more reasons to invest in a GPU other than cracking passwords for the tools that BackTrack uses.

    Scamentology, that's a pretty cool thing they're doing. I've never heard of anything like that, but I'm asking about GPU processors to know if one is needed for my uses. So yes, hacking related, not gaming or HD video editing.

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