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Thread: 2WIRE WPA Cracking Script for Pyrit with Resuming

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    Default 2WIRE WPA Cracking Script for Pyrit with Resuming

    2WIRE wifi passwords default with only ten digits and only use base 10 numbers. This script uses pyrit and a little c program I created called 2WIREKeyGen to generate and test all possible 2WIRE default wifi keys. The difference between using this and typing the commands out in a program like crunch is that this this script+app combo will split up cracking so that it can log progress and resume cracking at another time without loosing all your progress. I could only get crunch to split up the cracking if I have it create 100+ gigs of passwords, then I work from those. Pyrit could crack on the fly using crunch, but I could only specify a beginning number in crunch, not an end, and so on the fly cracking couldn't really be split with crunch. Also, I tried using only the bash script to pass all possible passwords to pyrit on the fly, but that resulted in slow cracking (only ~2k passwords per second). Using this script+app combo was just as fast as using password files on my hard drive with my computer (~35k passwords per second).

    You need pyrit installed first and a 2WIRE handshake to crack.
    To install, simply make it executable, and compile the c program:
    chmod +x
    gcc 2WIREKeyGen.c -o 2WIREKeyGen

    To use, set APNAME, and CAPFILE inside of, then run:

    The script doesn't quit when a password is found, so keep your eye out for a file called pyritoutput, as that will be where it writes the password. I could have had the script check for that, but I didn't and I'm too lazy to edit and re-zip it.

    Who knows if anyone will actually use this, but maybe? At least it's here for me if my hard drive crashes
    It worked fine in my tests; but I am just now trying a real world test with a password I don't already know.
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