Hey guys,

I've just run into a little issue with my USB bootable BT5 R2 (created with unetbootin).

Before installing BT5 R2 I wanted to clean up my HDD a little so decided to install gparted and move my partitions around, format some space for the BT5 install and a boot partition.
This went off without a hitch and i was then waiting for it to finish moving a 200GiB parition.
I leave my desk, come back and my netbook is sitting at the lock screen.

'This session was locked by root' etc...

No password configuration I can think of is working to get past this screen.

I would normally just reboot my machine and continue as normal but as I'm messing with the partitions Im reluctant to just kill the power.

Tl;dr: Unable to unlock locked BT5 R2 using root password.

Any suggestions?