First my specs. I'm running a Sager notebook with:
Intel Core i7-2820 QM
8 Gig DDR3 @ 1333 MGHz
nVidia 555 gt/intel HD w/ Optimus
Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

I'm posting them all because I don't know which are important. Sorry.

Ok, here's my problem. My goal is to dualboot my windows 7 with backtrack 5 KDE 32/64 using the provided installer. So far, none have been working correctly, so I haven't even begun trying the installer.
Here's what I've tried: BT5 GNOME/KDE 32/64 with UNETBOOTIN, LiveLinux USB creator run both as administrator and with regular permissions. I've tried every iteration of all those. Twice. Yes, I've done this at least sixteen times. It's a little frustrating, especially because on other computers I've used they work fine. The closest I've come was when I used BT5 GNOME x64 w/ LiveLinux USB, and Unetbootin w/ BT5 KDE x86, both eventually got me to the startx desktop, though KDE had a black screen that I typed "startx" into on instinct. Even when I'm on the desktop, no tools work, Most notably Gerix-Wifi cracker, which is the one I need the most. It just doesn't run. Although in GNOME, it shows when I log out as an unknown process. Why is this happening to me?! Someone please help me! I posted all the info I think you need, checked all the solutions I could, but if I left something out please tell me. As of now, it's a USB boot, so all the things are default. Please help. Thanks.