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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S / monitor mode + Injection /

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    Default Samsung Galaxy S / monitor mode + Injection /

    Hey guys

    I am planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 1
    Wireless adapter related to this mobile can handle monitor mode and injection ?

    thanks a lot

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    To be honest, I don't have the answer to this question, but there are several things you can do.

    For one, you won't need to rely on this if you purchase a 3rd party WNIC (like the ASUWO36H whcih works rather well, as do most otehr WNICs with the RTL8187 chipset from Realtek).

    You could also do what I've done in the past. I went into a local Best Buy and found a display laptop vof the same line as the one I planed to purchase. I booted to my Backtrack USB and ran aireplay-ng -9. This command tests for injection. For more on this command see the man pages,


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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S / monitor mode + Injection /

    Can you hook up external wifi usb adapters on the galaxy s2 ? That would be cool

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    The Galaxy S2 has a micro-usb port which you can get an adapter for that hosts a full sized usb plug.. it's designed to interact with hard drives but you may be able to get the alfa to work.. To be honest though, it would seem like a long shot to me and then you'd have to carry the alpha with you and have it plugged into the phone.. also being 1w and drawing from the usb port it's connected too i'm not sure the phone would be able to properly power it... The next challenge would be getting the alfa configured to work with the phone.. i'm not sure if it'd be plug and play or if it would take some serious hacking to get it done.. I would think it would be the latter.. now all that being said, if you could get it to work that would be epic! It seems like an ok phone so why not give it a try? Just dont expect monitor mode and injection to work out of the box... honestly though, there are a LOT of other tools that still work great in BT on mobile platforms.. it's worth it one way or another! Just make sure you do some research and make sure it's rootable and can handle ext2 or can use a rom that handles ext2... enjoy and let us know how it goes!!

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