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Thread: Xorg - No screens found

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    Default Xorg - No screens found

    Hi there,

    i have a big problem with XOrg.
    After i installed the nvidia drivers "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.09.07" for 64bit systems, i cant start xorg.
    When i type in "startx" there appears an error message from xorg "no screens found"
    Before i installed the driver, "startx" executed properly, but the display resolution wasn't correct.

    I hope someone can help me.

    My System:
    Asus X53SV-SX218V
    120 GB SSD
    Nvidia 540M
    6GB RAM

    Hello guys,

    after installing the nvidia driver "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.09.07" i can't start xorg.
    when i'm typing "startx" a error message appears "screens not found"

    I use Backtrack 5 with KDE 64bit on a Asus X53SV-SX218V (Nvidia 540M and Intel HD Graphic)
    I hope someone can help me


    I have the same problem with the resolution and after installing the nvidia drivers, startx didn't worked...

    Edit: maybe helps.
    I will try it today
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