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    Thanks for looking at this and helping. I'm a beginner to backtrack. I'm having an issue with starting Backtrack 5 from a live usb. I'm using x64 gnome distro. Whenever i try to use startx, i get the message "startx: not found". Ive looked, but i cannot find anyone who had the same problem as me. Is there any way to fix this? I've tried booting into safe mode, text mode, and default mode, but startx does not work with them either either.

    Thank you very much

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    You are probably typing startx on the boot prompt.

    Just press enter

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    Thanks for your prompt response bolexxx, but i don't think thats it. I'm starting my computer, booting from the flash drive, i choose the default option, then i wait for the next screen to finish loading. After it stops loading, i type startx. Is this the wrong time to do so?

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