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Thread: USB boot flaw

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    Default USB boot flaw

    Hello all,

    I just got my new BT5 ISO and I tried loading it on the USB Pendrive that I just bought for it (16GB Freecom).
    I made two partitions 4GB and 16GB. The 4GB was the first and I formatted it to fat32.
    The other 12GB (Still unused, planned to make that a Truecrypt Volume) I loaded the iso on it using unetbootin.
    All was successful I booted my laptop, got the unetbootin grub menu. Started booting, saw a framebuffer but then it stopped with an error.
    I know the error is required to fix this. But I think that the flaw is there since I just a 16GB Pendrive. In the BIOS my laptop sees it as a Harddrive and NOT as a Removable Disk.
    When did the exact same on on 8GB stick it was flawless.

    So, can the issue be my 16GB stick or did I do something wrong. If I did something wrong, I'll reboot again try to trigger the error and write it down on a piece of paper.
    But I'll leave it for now since its 2AM and should get some sleep.


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    Default Re: USB boot flaw

    bt5 needs a bigger usb disk, 4 gb is not enough. when the filesystemsquashfs is decompressed, it is over 6 gb

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    Default Re: USB boot flaw

    Can't say I can help with the original problem, but I'm booting BT5 from a 4 gig USB, so I don't think the partition size is the problem as bwana suggests.

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    Default Re: USB boot flaw

    Sys7emR00t was right, it wasnt the size thing.
    It says it cant unpack squashfs on the loop device.
    I tried it with a 8gb parition. no luck.

    My guess is that its since my system sees the stick as a harddrive.

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