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Thread: Need the name of a tool/tools

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    Post Need the name of a tool/tools

    umm i saw somewhere there was a tool for wifi where you can create depending on the speed of your wifi card a bunch of wifi ap's with the same name of a target AP , and also frag the router (break it) so everyone connected would be kicked out , then if they tried to reconnect they would see a long list of the wifi ap , and at the same time the card is sending so many packets to the wifi router that it breaks . ive got an old wifi 802.11g router im not using anymore since i upgraded and i was wondering what tool that was... if im on the wrong section sorry i didnt see any place to put it O_O

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    I think your looking for this script g0tmi1k: [Script][Video] fakeAP_pwn (v0.3)
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    Or perhaps you mean using mdk3 to generate fake ap broadcasts ?

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    yeah mdk3 will do those things, along with deauthing people, and sending mass false authentication packets thus keeping them from connecting. Its a powerful tool, be careful make sure to always use a black/whitelist so other AP's don't get bounced. I tend to use it to get handshakes from WPA routers when a simple deauth doesn't work.
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    Hak5 does some cool stuff with this sort of thing. The "pineapple" is a rogue AP and (as you can see) they use it (after deauthing clients) to grab passwords or even auto-rickroll (here, #Lmao? Here's a good video of this in action, YouTube - ‪Hak5 - Hak5 - Airport WiFi Challenge and your Ultra Software Picks‬‏

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