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Thread: WEP crack - no client & no traffic (I have .cap file with 7 IVs)

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    Default WEP crack - no client & no traffic (I have .cap file with 7 IVs)


    Here is the situation:

    I'm trying to crack WEP key, there is no clients at the moment (hardly used network I suppose...), I've spoofed the MAC address, but can't get injection started, as I can't pick up a single IV.
    Although I have a .cap file with 7 IVs, can I use it somehow to start the attack?
    Here are screen shots to illustrate my situation.

    Also if RXQ is usually very high, but sometimes drops very low. Does it definitely mean that there is a client that is not in my range?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: WEP crack - no client & no traffic (I have .cap file with 7 IVs)

    Now would be a good time to start reading. This is a widely covered topic and no need to repeat it here yet again.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
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    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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