Hi everybody,

sorry if this has already been asked but I've been searching for days and I still have the doubt.

So, does anyone out there have an Acer Aspire 5552G-N834G75 (or similar) actually working with BT5, with its integrated b/g/n wifi card? Is injection working?

BTW is the video card ok for BT5? It has a Ati HD6650M

I'd like to buy one of those notebook for practising with BT5 (this OS has completely fascinated me ), I'm actually working on a desktop PC with VMWare and having a lot of problems. But I do not want to waste my money on a useless notebook that I can only use with Wincr*p.

If you think that the Acer Aspire I said won't work, please could you suggest me a €350/€450 valid alternative?

Thanks for your time, I really need some help to get started, any answer will be appreciated. Best regards!