I have previously posted about issues with BT4 booting when there is a SOURCES folder present on the root of the drive. As it turns out, this is related to a bug in the version of apt-cdrom that is distributed with BT4 and BT5.

Details on the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...pt/+bug/750694

I encountered this issue because I was creating a multiboot USB drive with multiple distributions of Linux, along with UBCD4WIN, and an all-in-one Windows 7 installer image. The folder for the Windows 7 installation files can't be changed, it has to be named "SOURCES" and has to be on the root of the USB drive for it to install. Since the Win7 installer can't be changed, the only solution I was able to come up with was remastering the BT5 cd with updated apt* binaries.

  • A physical or virtual linux machine (ubuntu recommended)
  • Updated apt binaries (I extracted apt* from the /usr/bin folder (in filesystem.squashfs) from the Kubuntu 11.04 ISO
  • The updated distro (Kubuntu or otherwise) should MATCH the processor architecture of the BT5 distribution you are working with!

  1. Boot a linux machine or VM (commands below are debian/ubuntu specific), login
  2. Install squashfs tools:
    sudo apt-get install squashfs*
  3. Make a temporary folder:
    mkdir ~/bt5
  4. Make a folder for the updated apt binaries:
    mkdir ~/bt5/aptbin
  5. Copy casper\filesystem.squashfs from the BT5 ISO or folder to your home directory
  6. Change to the temporary folder:
    cd ~/bt5
  7. Extract the squashfs filesystem:
    sudo unsquashfs ~/backtrack5.iso
  8. Change to the apt binaries folder:
    cd ~/bt5/aptbin
  9. Copy the apt binaries from Kubuntu 11.04 (distribution architecture should match your version of BT) to this folder
  10. Copy the updated apt binaries into the bt5 build:
    cp ~/bt5/aptbin/* ~/bt5/squashfs-root/usr/bin
  11. Change to the bt5 folder:
    cd ~/bt5
  12. Regenerate the squashfs file:
    sudo mksquashfs ~/bt5/squashfs-root filesystem.squashfs
  13. Copy the new filesystem.squashfs file to the bt5 casper folder on your flash drive (overwrite the old one)

I imagine this will resolve itself as future versions of Backtrack are released, but for now this solution will work nicely for anyone attempting to cram multiple tools on one USB stick. If anyone is using the 32 bit bt5 KDE version (for broader compatibility), feel free to download the updated apt binaries from here, so you don't have to download kubuntu and extract them yourself.