Ok i am first time connected with linux in my history :P
With your help,thank you

Anyway i have few questions

I use Netgear WG111T USB CARD,and i use it via ndiswrapper

I red BR does support this card but i cant use it without ndiswrapper (dont know why)

Got that info from Wiki

NetGear WG111T
Driver : Madwifi-ng
Chipset : Atheros
Notice: works fine as i know

Is it possible that another linux supports my card,that would mean it could work in monitor mode or?

Anyway i use ndiswrapper so i cant work in monitor mode

What does that mean,and what can i do without monitor mode,can i sniff,can i get infos over wirelles(it doesnt has a wep) but i can see it uses Microtic,and what aplications can i use in Back Track


My gateway is

when i use ettercap i get few hosts but i dont get my gateway just why that ist it coz i am not in monitor mode or?

Thank you for your support its nice to know how to use linux