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Thread: Trackback Virtualbox Image on Truecrypt drive

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    Default Trackback Virtualbox Image on Truecrypt drive

    Hello Guys,

    IŽam new to this forum so i hope this is the good section.

    IŽam having a rather odd idea, about how i wanna setup my Backtrack 5 Installation. Let me explain.

    IŽam trying to keep my Backtrack installation hidden from anyone. Except myself ofc ^^. My idea on how to achieve this is like this:

    -One usb-drive with keyFiles for my (Main) harddrive with Truecrypt hidden volume.

    -Main harddrive (external) with a Truescrypt Volume, a normal Truecrypt volume with some random data, and a hidden volume (which needs the keyFiles to mount) which contains the Backtrack5 virtualbox image.

    My Question is: Do you guys think its possible to mount my external harddrive to any pc (which has virtualbox installed) and then load the Backtrack image (After authenticating with Truecrypt) into virtualbox?

    My Second Question is: Let's say i got Backtrack loaded in Virtualbox and i spoofed my Mac-Adress, once i will be connecting to lets say a wireless network, will i connect with my spoofed (virtual) mac-adress or with my Host Mac adress?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad language,

    Hope you can help me!



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    Default Re: Trackback Virtualbox Image on Truecrypt drive

    Just a small question here, if you want so much to hide a Backtrack 5 installation, why not install it on a USB drive and hide that ? O_o
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