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Thread: Dual boot issue with GRUB

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    Default Dual boot issue with GRUB


    I'm trying to set my laptop up to dual boot Backtrack and Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 6.06 installed now on hda1 my swap is on hda5 and I've been trying to put BackTrack onto hda3.

    I'm not sure if perhaps i'm not installing it correctly or more likely I'm doing something wrong with the grub menu.lst file.

    So far when i boot up into grub i have the Ubuntu options and the BackTrack option. When i choose BackTrack however it just goes to a screen saying

    boot 'BackTrack'

    root (hd0,0)
    Filesystem type is ext2fs. patition type 0x83

    Error 8: Kernel must be loaded before booting

    press any key to continue..._

    My Ubuntu partition works fine though and i've tried several different things to the menu.lst file to try and get a kernel to load.

    If there's anyone that can point me in the right direction with this it would help a lot. Thanks in advance

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    root (hd0,2) is for hda3...............
    try this ............
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    This post will most likely solve the problem.


    replace ** with tt as I am not allowed to post links yet

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