Exactly what the title says. I have BT2 as the only OS on my laptop right now ( Sony Vios VGN-fs640W) and i decided that i wanted Windows on their as well for other purposes. Now when i put in the actual Windows XP Home edition cd in. It goes straight to lilo and loads bt2. Now i figure it's just because its a cd and the Sony will only read DVD ISOs. So i try Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn which is on a dvd. It still skips it. I have it set so i can boot frmo optical drive and it just does nothing. I can hear the dvd drive moving and reading it but Lilo just loads and then bt2 loads. Any ideas why? I had a couple rough installs with bt2 ( took about 4 for a good HDD install ) so maybe i could have damaged something? I googled for a couple hours and nothing. Any help would be nice. If worse comes to worse, i guess i will have to order the sony recovery disc.

Thank you.