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Thread: ipw3945 modprobe ipwraw on BackTrack5?

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    Default ipw3945 modprobe ipwraw on BackTrack5?

    Hello there,

    Is the Intel 3945ABG (ipw3945) driver still avaliable for wep attacks on BT5?

    I'm trying to load the module ipwraw for packet injection but I've received this error:

    root@root:#modprobe ipwraw
    FATAL: Module ipwraw not found

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    Default Riferimento: ipw3945 modprobe ipwraw on BackTrack5?

    3945ABG work with bt5.
    u need to create and use mon0
    airmon-ng start wlan0
    mon0 is in monitor mode , injection work
    acer 5920g , 345abg , nvidia 8600m
    bt5 kde 64bit + acpi + cuda 4.0 / nvidia 270.40 / pyrit

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