Hi All. I've run into a problem trying to recover a lost password on my old Windows 2000 computer.

The first thing I did was blank the Administrator password using chntpw. However, I am not able to log in with the blank password. I believe this is because the account flag for "Passwd not req" is UNCHECKED, meaning a password is required. And therefore Windows will not let me log in with the blank password.

If I try to use option 2 of chntpw to set the password, it displays the error "Sorry, unable to edit since password seems blank already (thus no space for it)"

Does anyone know how to...

A) Override the blank password with a new non-blank password?


B) Set the account flag to allow log-in with a blank password?

or maybe another method?

I realize I could just recover the data and re-install Windows, however this server has a complex MTS based application installed, which is the reason I need into it. I'm afraid the repair install would also hose my MTS dev environment.

Best Regards,