So here I am at last doing the practice part of the OSWP study guide. Whe I try to do the WEP Shared Key Athentication exercise it doesn't end up successfull.

I set up the lab with an WRT54GL (tried with an WRT54GS too) and both linux and windows as victim clients.

When I deauthenticate the victim client from the AP I see Broken SKA: AP_mac in the right top corner of airodump-ng. All standard capture file are created minus the magical .xor PRGA keystream.

I've tried this with differrent wireless adapters and both BT5, BT5R1 and BT3 os.

Googling around I have found other users reporting the same problem, in the BT4 old forum too and at this link

On the wifu course compatible gear page you state that the WRT54GL is valid for all exercises present in the lab guide could you please dig into this and give me some feedback.

Thanks for your support