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Thread: Wireless trouble [Alfa AWUS051NH]

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    Default Wireless trouble [Alfa AWUS051NH]

    Hello, I am an IT security student new to arch. I am currently trying to set up my Alfa AWUS051NH usb wireless adapter with my arch desktop. I have it running somewhat, but not at the speeds I would like. I found on alfa's website that the device can either use chipsets: Ralink RT2770, or RT2750. I thought an iwconfig would tell me what chipset the device was using, but apparently not.

    So I did a lsusb and got:

    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 148f:2770 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2770 Wireless Adapter
    I look at an iwconfig and see it changes from bit 5-150mbps at any given time.

    wlan0     IEEE 802.11abgn  ESSID:"Sentinel"  
              Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.437 GHz  Access Point: C0:3F:0E:2C:57:4E   
              Bit Rate=54 Mb/s   Tx-Power=20 dBm   
              Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
              Power Management:on
              Link Quality=70/70  Signal level=-28 dBm  
              Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
              Tx excessive retries:3479  Invalid misc:8   Missed beacon:0
    However it is going much slow than that. I would like to know how I can set the bit rate 300mbps. After a bit of research I tried this:

    iwconfig wlan0 rate 300
    iwconfig wlan0 rate auto
    But neither have any effect. I believe the issue is that the card can use a/b/g/n standards and is not using 802.11n, which I believe is the only one that can use 300mbps. My router is broadcasting in 802.11n by the way. I don't know how to force the device to use the 802.11n.

    So does any one have any ideas, and can answer some of my questions? I would very much appreciate it. If any commands are needed to be run for more information I would be glad to do so.

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    Default Re: Wireless trouble [Alfa AWUS051NH]

    You're asking about arch linux in BackTrack Forum, which is based on Ubuntu (if I understand you correct?)

    I honestly believe that is a better place to ask for help.

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    Default Re: Wireless trouble [Alfa AWUS051NH]

    You will also need to understand channel bonding configurations for your AP/router. If you want to force 11n, turn off everything else and see what happens, then work backwards. Do some real research on configuring channel bonding. If you do it wrong you will end up interferring with everybody elses signal in your area. The other thing about channel bonding is that unless you have a reasonably clear spectrum, performance will be no where near what you expect.

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