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Thread: AR5007EG - Fujitsu Siemens Problem.

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    Smile AR5007EG - Fujitsu Siemens Wireless Start Fix

    im hoping this can eventuly become a fix

    i have the Ar5007EG wireless card and i have spent nights looking at drivers, madwifi, ndswrapper and so on...
    my problem is on my laptop in windows you need fujitsu launch manager (.exe) to start the wireless, there is no other way. anybody found a way?
    yes i have tried WINE,

    i have BT5 64 kde installed to hard drive (main OS) on a fujitsu siemens amilo Li 2727

    i cant get it working in ubuntu "natty" (installed on hard drive) either


    rfkill list

    if it says soft blocked only like mine did use;

    rfkill unblock all

    and your wifi will start

    mods please move to fixes
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