So, you may freak out here and say OH MY! THIS IS NOT A BUG IN BT ITS A BUG IN VMWARE!! But before you read further, I'm just going to state that this adapter (alfa awus036nh) works perfectly when booting from a hard drive, and I believe it to be something that can be fixed rather easily to the benefit of many people.

When booting Backtrack 5 through VMware Fusion (also happens in VMware workstation), the adapter in question will fail to properly start up when you modprobe the driver. It'll go into monitor mode, but it fails to successfully sniff traffic most the time when you try and airodump-ng or something like that. I've searched and searched for an answer to this, because it's frustrating to know that it works so well booting from a USB or Hard Drive, but that for some reason it hardly works from VMware.

I have a little shell script I wrote just to reset the device, and test for injection on channel 11:

modprobe -r rt2800usb rt2x00usb rt2800lib rt2x00lib crc_ccitt mac80211 cfg80211
modprobe rt2800usb
airmon-ng check kill && airmon-ng start wlan0 11
aireplay-ng -9 mon0
I have to run this script anywhere from 1-10 times to get injection working properly. Again, I'm not really sure if this thread belongs in this section, but honestly I'm not sure where else it would go... Considering the only reasonably helpful thread I've found on the subject has 7k+ views and no solution, I would imagine that a lot of people (myself included) would appreciate a fix, if it's at all possible.