Hi, I'm a new BT user and just downloaded and installed BT5 in a pendrive.
I solved some issues i had with the booting process, and another problem i had with the startx (only the first letter lighted up and no GUI loaded, bringing me back to the command screen)
to solve that last problem I followed the instructions given by fnord0 and I could load all the asian letters and that stuff.

Now, the problem is that when it finish the loading part a black screen appears and 3 error messages pop up:
-Kwin closed unexpectedly Kwin PID:2816
-Kmix closed unexpectedly Kmix PID: 2868
-Run command interface closed unexpectedly Krunner PID:2862

After a few secconds the last one starts poping up repeatedly changing the PID each time.
I can't send a bug report because i don't have any debuger installed nor can install any: the only thing I can do is close the error messages and look at the black screen.

Can somebody help me please? I've been looking arround in this and other forums but found nothing yet =/