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Thread: unsuccessful attack

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    Default unsuccessful attack

    These are what i get as i attack my own router :

    " Attack was unsuccessful. Possible reasons:

    * Perhaps MAC address filtering is enabled.
    * Check that the BSSID (-a option) is correct.
    * Try to change the number of packets (-o option).
    * The driver/card doesn't support injection.
    * This attack sometimes fails against some APs.
    * The card is not on the same channel as the AP.
    * You're too far from the AP. Get closer, or lower
    the transmit rate. "

    my answer is :
    * # not sure if MAC filter is enabled (by default it is disabled rite ?)
    *BSSID is correct (my own)
    * # how to change this ? what are minimum number of packets ?
    * # how to check injection support ? (i am using Ralink b/g rt61 chipset)
    * # my router is SMC brand
    *yes it is the same channel 11
    *my router is just beside me...

    Anyone has any possible solution ? thx.

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    You don't even precise which attack you are attempting ARP replay ? Fragmentation ? Chopchop ?

    If you want to test the injection of your card :
    - set it on the channel of your AP (ex, for channel 11 : airodump -c 11 wlan0, then kill airodump)
    - type aireplay-ng -9 wlan0

    Obviously replace "wlan0" by your interface, if necessary

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