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Thread: Install BT without CDROM/Floppy??

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    Default Install BT without CDROM/Floppy??

    Here's a really tricky one:

    I want to install BT on my little (but nice) laptop that currently has Win XP on it.
    However, it's got no CD drive, no floppy, can't boot from USB sticks (it's got USB ports though) and the internal harddrive is non-removable.

    I probably will end up buying a CD drive for it, but it would still be quite a fun thing to overcome this challenge and do it without CD. But so far I can't see how. Does anyone of you have a bright idea?

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    have you check bios settings ?

    go in windows.......extract the iso on your part(fat32 format works for live installs)......syslinux it and add it to your boot menu............
    just my 2cents......
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    Does the notebook in question have a IEE1394 FireWire port? How about a media bay? The only other idea I can think of is if you are familiar with VMware you could use BT2 in that way if your system can handle it.

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    I suspect the laptop has an onboard NIC. Does it support PXE Boot? Just a thought...

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