Dear Backtrack users,

I have a little issue and I hope to find a solution with your help. So please find below from where the problem is coming:
1. I have a windows xp box behind a router;
2. A netcat application connects from the windows box to a Backtrack5 box(having an external IP) via Internet;
3. I receive that connection using Armitage(Listeners --> Reverse(wait for) --> shell) and I get a shell.
Everything is ok so far but now I would like to obtain a meterpreter connection and I don't know how to do this(I mention that if using Armitage(Listeners --> Reverse(wait for) --> meterpreter) that's not working, I mean that nothing happen after I start netcat connection on windows box.
This is my problem and I want to let you know that I remain grateful for any replay.

Kind regards,