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Thread: BT5 Gnome 64bit

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    Angry BT5 Gnome 64bit

    Hey all,

    I recently downloaded BT5-GNOME-64.iso and installed it as a vm. I am able to install it via the install script on the desktop. I then configure everything the way that I want it (I reboot several times during the configuration) but if I do an apt-get update, when I reboot the vm, upon boot up I I get a purple screen that pops up and it say "Ubuntu 10.04" with scrolling dots below it and then it gives an ALERT! error and drops into a command prompt. I did some research and everything I have read says I need to mount the proper File system to boot up. When I do an "fdisk -l" I get the error "command not found. I am not able to do anything other commands either. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this? And if so, what they have been able to do to fix it. Thank you in advance for the views and replies.
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    Default Re: BT5 Gnome 64bit

    Maybe the same issue. . There are a couple methods of recovery. It is the grub loader that gets jacked when the kernel update happens

    I found this that may help in this situation.


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    Default Re: BT5 Gnome 64bit

    Thank you for the response, unfortunately this one did not work for me but it definately pointed me in the right direction. This is what I found that worked for me.

    Boot your computer and when the grub loader appears, select the linux version you use (to the rescue mode) and press 'e' to edit it.
    Then remove the the UUID= part of the line from root=UUID=
    Replace it with your current partition, so in my case it looks like
    press +x to boot up with the changed settings
    -Thanks to Chathura MaZZ for this write up

    I then went into
    nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    and applied the settings permanantly. Rebooted and it booted up fine.
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