I know this is a widely discussed topic, using the acpi=off flag in the boot options to get bt5 to boot properly on many different machines. That is fine, however once booted the acpi=off flag makes it to where I can not use or enable wifi (they need power management).

Is there a workaround for this issue that still retains the functionality needed with backtrack? or am I stuck with a VMed BT5 until we get an r2 version?

I already use the i915.modeset=1 flag to get passed the black screen bug however the error I recieve afteward is a full page of code that starts with

"NULL: pointer deference at (location changes)"

the research I have done says its a common bug with the build of ubuntu that bt5 is based on but I have not found a resolution as of yet.

acer aspire 5742-6814 is the laptop I am installing to.