I tried to boot Backtrack 5 GNOME with live DVD, but it didn't work.
Later, i tried to boot it via USB Live with unetbootin, didn't work also.
I downloaded Backtrack 5 KDE, burned to another DVD again and USB, didn't work again....
I will explain what happens:
I have UBUNTU 10.04 LTS installed on my lap, and when i insert the DVD/USB it shows the boot screen..
I choose the first option, then the Backtrack 5 wallpaper shows, and it logs me into the Backtrack Terminal.
I type root and toor, and it logs me in !
But, when i type startx, it conflicts with my Ubuntu and logs me into Ubuntu, and the panel is crazy, the wallpaper is the default ubuntu wallpaper, and there isn't any tools at all....
This happens only on my laptop[i686] with Backtrack 5 GNOME & KDE, my other desktop works perfect with the DVDs and USBs.

Backtrack 4 R2 Boots perfectly on my laptop, but i don't like it because of many reasons.