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Thread: help,laptop gets so hot.

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    Hi. I had a very similar problem. However, I DO NOT recommend you do what I did. As this will void your warranty. However, I did work for what I wanted. Basically I too was getting upwards of 80c during heavy usage, and hovering around 50 while idle. Regardless of being in Windows or Linux. Also my fan was also always on, and what motivated me to do this fix was at some point the fan began making noises (like it needed to be oiled up). As my warranty had already expired, I ended up removing the fan protection plate, and placing a bit of mineral oil in the mechanism. This solved the sound problem.

    However, after carefully inspecting my system, I realized that the cooling ability is just was too inadequate. So I lined up the heat sink and pipes with the outside of the case and drilled my own vent holes. This modification now allows my system to idle around 38c and full load at about 60c. Basically 20 degree drop all around. I was quite surprised at the overall effect. Again I do not recommend this as it does mean physically modifying your case.


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    Default Re: help,laptop gets so hot.

    Hey bro.. I also found a bunch BIOS updates for your system. Try and updateing your bios and see what happens when you run Backtrck vs. Windows.
    Here is the link to the BIOS update page:

    Hope it helps :B

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    The kernel is the interface between the hardware and software..

    The bios has a temperature shut-off control that you can set up, but I does not mean BIOS has STILL the capability AFTER booting to keep controlling any issues.

    All control goes to the OS in case. If any parameter like temperature are set in Bios, then OS must read them, but that is pretty much all it does as to SET UP temp shut-off parameter. Unless it has a ESP partition (UEFI-GPT HDD), and even so, I would doubt it.

    Try Kali linux, is the same as BT as far as tools, but based on Debian Hybrid Distro.

    See how its behavior. If you say that using Windows everything looks OK, I defenetly discard the fact that the hardware has issues...

    Again, try Kali and another Linux distro.

    By the way, did you install any other programs or conky?.

    Some conky temp parameters have to do a lot with temp sensors and the fans, which will lead us to a temperature issues.

    And in conky playing with temp sensors might cause severe issues to hardware.

    One fact, and the gentkleman stated it: With windows I have no issues or It works fine..Again, I discard hardware issues.

    This is my personal point of view. Try Kali and also another linux distro (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, knoppix, etc) my friend, unless you want to troubleshoot temp issues in BT5 and your laptop.

    This is my very personal point of view.
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