Hey guys, long story short....

I was running BT5 on a live CD on one of my computers. I was experimenting with 'chntpw'. When ever I would try run 'chntpw' it would say

The program 'chntpw' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: apt-get install chntpw
You will have to enable the component called 'universe'
On running
apt-get install chntwpw
it says
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded
when I move to
and run
I can run 'chntpw' weird (any ideas for future how I can get this program running without being actually in it's directory)


So I mount my windows drive in a temp folder navigate to
Failing to run 'chntpw' I unfortunately came up with this genius idea to mv the SAM/SYSTEM file to the 'chntpw' directory.

From here I can run ./chntpw I moved the files back and rebooted.

On a second computer I run the exact same steps as above except FORGET TO MOVE THE SAM/SYSTEM FILES BACK

I rebooted and now windows can't find the SAM/SYSTEM file so is locking me out.

Is there a way to recover a backup version of SAM/SYSTEM?
What's the best way to recover my files (I can see them using a live cd of BT)?


Lesson to be learnt. Don't be an idiot and practice in a VM

Thanks guys