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Thread: Set AWUS036H as default for Wicd Manager

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    Default Set AWUS036H as default for Wicd Manager

    Hey everybody. Okay. So I'm pretty good with computers, but I am completely new and a beginner when it comes to Backtrack, Linux, and everything to do with it. Like can't get VLC to work, don't know how to download and install stuff...just totally new. Ha I have a default wireless card in my laptop, but just bought AWUS036H to use instead. I know it's set as wlan1 or whatever by running airmon-ng. However, I'm trying to figure out how to set it as my default card so that it shows up in Wicd manager. Right now I'm pretty sure it's still using my first wireless card since I should have more networks popping up and stronger signals. So I need to know exactly what to do in order to use this card and set it as my default so that it is used in the Wicd manager to search and connect to networks.

    Have Windows 7 installed, but running Backtrack 5 as my OS (not using VMware or anything). Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Set AWUS036H as default for Wicd Manager

    eum, just go to the options tab in wicd and change the wireless interface to wlan1
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