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Thread: list of equipment / pre built lap tops

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    Default list of equipment / pre built lap tops

    Hi everyone, I have been playing around with BT4 R2 for a few months now and love this.

    I just play with it in Virtual Box, I want to buy a lap top and dedicate it to BT5.

    My question Is Is there any lap tops out there that all ready have all the hardware that Is ready to go with the drivers that are pre packed with BT5

    If anyone can help me pick out a lap top that has all the proper hardware, I would very gratefull and send a virtual high five to.

    Thank you for your time..

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    Default Re: list of equipment / pre built lap tops

    Just check out the hardware compatibility list in the wiki for instance and go with that.

    There is also a hardware compatibility forum.
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    Default Re: list of equipment / pre built lap tops

    For what it is worth, I have 5 (3 laptops, 2 desktops) running BT that all worked out of the box. Sure some of the drivers needed to be updated or changed to be optimized, but it was functional with just the live CD. I think the newer releases of BT do extremely well in detecting hardware, so unless you get something with rare hardware, you should be fine.

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