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Thread: Excellent Release!

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    Default Excellent Release!

    Since nearly every post falls into either 'please help me' or 'wh3r3 1s t3h 1 w1nz button!!!111' I just wanted to say, after using BT5 for about a month now, thanks Developers.

    I used BT3 in School, BT4 at work, and BT5 in my personal VM at home and the improvements that came along are great.

    Keep it up!
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    Default Re: Excellent Release!

    I totally agree! At first I was a little unsure about BackTrack5.

    BackTrack4 was in my comfort zone, but after playing around with BackTrack5, i really like it! And what i really like, is the fact that it's build using Ubuntu10.10.
    I havent had hard driver issues or any other problems with BackTrack as an Operating System

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    Default Re: Excellent Release!

    Make that 3 Been using BT5 since release day, and the releases are like wine (just get better with age)!
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