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Thread: Using SET on a VPS?

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    Default Using SET on a VPS?

    I have installed set on my vps. When using my vps, and attempting a Credential Harvest Attack, it says I have to disable apache? because it cant bind to port 80. And if i change 80 to 8080 in set_config that doesnt seem to work. either but it does start the attack...

    SO basically I am trying to configure set to run on my vps for use with outside of a lan penetration testing. Anyone know how to configure set and use it for outside of a lan? Seems when I use my vps and launch it and then go to my servers IP.. i just get a this site does not exist page...any help?

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    Default Re: Using SET on a VPS?

    Uhm, you could actually just use your Backtrack installation at home. Just forward port 80 in your router to the IP of your BackTrack Machine..

    Do you actually have Apache running on port 80, or another webserver, since SET wants you to shut it down?
    If the answer is yes, why not just disable it while running SET?

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