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    Default Little Sitecloner-Script


    I just want to share a little script which i just made:

    # wget Websitecloner-Script
    echo Enter URL:
    read URL
    echo Enter Download-Directory:   # if not existing it will be created
    read DD
    echo Do you want to clone the whole website or just the index.html? hole/index # type whole for the whole site and index for index.html
    read WHOLE
    if [ -d "$DD" ]
        cd $DD
        mkdir $DD
        cd $DD
    if $HOLE = whole
        wget -r --page-requisites --convert-links -U Mozilla -erobots=off -w 5 $URL
        wget --page-requisites --convert-links -U Mozilla -erobots=off -w 5 $URL
    echo site cloned

    I know that its not a big thing but i felt like posting it and that it might help some beginners who want to clone a website into a custom directory

    Greets Jodokus

    EDIT: Updated the script....
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