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Thread: Got 0 ARP Requests = Mac filtering?

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    Default Got 0 ARP Requests = Mac filtering?

    Im running aireplay --fake 30...its doing its stuff...
    but when it comes to
    aireplay --arpreplay... it reads packets, and its not getting anything (even with I do aireplay --deauth 5)

    SO! (I SEARCH (GO ME!) about a bit), and found this:

    tcpdump -n -vvv -s0 -e -i ath0 | grep -E "(RA:00:c0:ca:17:db:6a|Authentication|ssoc)"

    now, 00:c0:ca:17:db:6a:
    is that the AP Mac, my mac, fake mac? cos when I try each, nothing happens!


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    If your running fakeauth with your mac and its successful then theres no mac filtering on.
    sometimes it takes awhile for the replay attack to start. i'v waited up to an hour once just to get that first arp.
    Why dont you check the router configure page and see if theres filtering on. if there is then turn it off for now..

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    Thanks for getting bk,

    an hour?! wow!
    On my first go, it was doing it under 5 seconds :P
    Im now at a friends, show him, how poor WEP is (yes, it is his network, and he said it was fine), and yes, he log into the router, and there is no mac filtering...

    ok, next time im at his, I will leave it going...
    --Will keep you posted,


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